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Stockholm is perhaps the most beautiful city in Scandinavia

The destination Stockholm offers Scandinavian enjoyment and variety all year round Stockholm is perhaps the most beautiful city in Scandinavia. The graceful patchwork of Stockholm's island districts sewn together by bridges and ferries, the swaying quay boats and graceful palaces give Stockwohl an irresistible appeal. Several dozen museums, galleries, castles and palaces vie for the visitor's attention...

Saint Petersburg

The northernmost metropolis of the world

Saint Petersburg is a destination of superlatives! The fourth largest city in Europe is located in the east of the Gulf of Finland. More than two thousand magnificent buildings in the baroque-classicist old town are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. In addition, the former Leningrad has the most important Baltic Sea port in Russia. Peter the Great founded the city in 1703 and named St. Petersburg after the patron saint and apostle...

Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is one of the most popular German travel destinations

Every year tourists from Germany and abroad enjoy the sun on the Baltic Sea coast, do water sports or simply relax in the unspoilt nature. The Baltic Sea stretches from Flensburg in the west, borders Sweden and Finland in the north on the Gulf of Bothnia and reaches as far as St. Petersburg in the east.There are a total of nine countries on the Baltic Sea. One of them is Germany. The German Baltic Sea and its islands On the German Baltic Sea coast you can have a wonderful holiday...

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