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In search of tropical idyll a trip to the Seychelles is always a good choice. Situated in the Indian Ocean, the archipelago is a guarantee for exotic nature and a paradise far away from the big tourist metropolises. The main island Mahe offers rather village charm and in addition with the largest city of the island Victoria the smallest capital of the world. If one wants to use the Seychelles as a vacation destination, then the journey by airplane can lead to the island Mahe. In addition, as a destination of a cruise, the holiday-maker can also choose to stay in the Seychelles and in this case the island of Mahe is approached.
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Here the vacationer looks forward to the flora and fauna of the island, whereby above all the many wonderful orchid species of the island prove to be a beautiful motive for photographic vacation memories. But also the animal world of the island can inspire if the impressive sea turtles of this region of the world can be observed. For this you should make a detour to the island Curieuse, where the famous giant turtles have found their home. Even a breeding station can be visited here, although the island is otherwise uninhabited.

In general excursions to other islands are worthwhile, whereby islands like Praslin can offer the most beautiful beaches of our earth. If you want to see natural beauties, you should visit the island Aride, because here you can visit Wright's Gardenia. It is a fascinating experience for the nature lover, because this way he can look at plants that are classified as the rarest in the world. In addition, one should not miss the huge collection of bird breeding sites, with more than a million birds to be found on Aride Island.

Divers and swimmers are drawn to Felicite Island, where snorkeling and diving is a great way to experience the exotic underwater world. But also a relaxing sunbath on the beach can become an unforgettable vacation pleasure on this island of the Seychelles. You can explore the island of La Digue by ox cart or enjoy a typical BBQ on the island of Moyenne. If you visit the Seychelles, you should not only explore the island of Mahe, but also choose the other numerous islands as a nice destination for excursions.

A gourmet's delight can be the exotic Creole cuisine of the islands and whoever visits the Seychelles should not forget swimwear and sun cream with a high sun protection factor. If on many islands simply only flora and fauna are on the plan as vacation highlights, then the vacationer on Mahe can also make contact with the locals.
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A stroll through Victoria takes you past the colonial architecture that predominates here and anyone who wants to find out about the life of the island's inhabitants should not miss the island's market, the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market. From clothing to regional spices, everything that the people of Mahe need in everyday life is on offer here. And if you want to taste something special in the island's kitchen, you should order a portion of bat goulash. Exotic way of life, overwhelming flora and fauna and the most beautiful beaches in the world, whoever visits the Seychelles will have an unforgettable vacation.

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