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The South Sea dream for the small purse

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Who does not dream of a holiday in the South Seas? The reason why many do not fulfil this dream is the high prices. But this does not have to be the case. When wanderlust plagues, they say: Off to the island. And that even for small money.
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Diversity on over 300 islands

The numbers are more than impressive: East of Australia and north of New Zealand there are no less than 333 Fiji islands, 100 of which are inhabited. On the Fiji Islands, therefore, one thing above all else awaits us: diversity. Whether high mountains over 1,000 metres, warm-hearted people, coconut palms or white sandy beaches. A holiday on the Fiji Islands is worthwhile in such a multifaceted way. Especially in terms of the underwater world, where you can marvel at living corals.

Island hopping with the "Bula Pass

If you are planning a trip to the Fiji Islands, you should have internalized the word "Bula" before you arrive. Because this is the first word that tourists hear right after their arrival at the new airport in Nadi. This word, always spoken with a broad and friendly smile, will accompany tourists at all times. It is omnipresent, because the approximately 900.000 Fijians use this term universally: no matter if as "welcome", as "hello", as "health" or even as "cheers".

The term "Bula" stands for life. And this is celebrated daily on every single Fiji island. With the "Bula Pass" tourists can hop off from the main island and move along the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. The chain of islands is proudly 90 kilometres long and the epitome of South Sea magic. The US actress Brooke Shields once lounged in the famous film "The Blue Lagoon" against the dreamlike backdrop of the Yasawa Islands.

Surprisingly cheap accommodation

You can get a beach bungalow on the famous Bounty Island for only 60 EUR. The palm island is 100 by 100 meters and is approached by the 37 meter long "Yasawa-Flyer", a high speed catamaran. Who wants to have the overnight stay even cheaper, books a bed in the dormitory on "Beachcomber Island". On the neighbouring island the overnight stay costs 50 EUR. Here, the Bula-Pass pays off, with which one can jump from island to island and thus choose the cheapest overnight stay.
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Fiji for sportsmen and adventurers
Those who also do not want to abstain from sports activities during their holiday in the South Seas will get their money worth on the huge island chains. From guided kayak tours lasting several days, shark snorkeling trips to fin diving, everything is included. The highlight: Almost all activities and excursions can be booked through the "Feejee Traveller" app. And even the smallest of the Fiji Islands is equipped with stable WLAN, so that you are not completely cut off from the outside world in the South Seas.

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