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Islands in the Indian Ocean

The island world in the Indian Ocean offers tourist highlights. Thus, a trip to Mauritius is always worthwhile if one wants to explore exotic worlds during the holidays. The island is located in the proximity of Madagascar and in front of the coasts of Africa. Whether from Frankfurt or Munich, one takes the plane to the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Mauritius, that is only a few kilometres from the island capital Port Louis...


The smallest country in South East Asia

Asia's superlative travel destination Singapore is the smallest country in South East Asia. In terms of area, the island and city state is the size of Hamburg. The city name means lion city in Sanskrit. This is why a mythical creature with a fish body and lion's head has been the city's landmark since 1964. The island state consists of a main island and 61 other islands of different sizes. Neighbouring Singapore are Malaysia, Indonesia...


Tropical paradise

Blue water, long beaches and pure sunshine, these are the Maldives. Southwest of the tip of India, lies this dreamlike atoll. Just when the wet and cold winter weather sets in in Germany, it is most beautiful in the Maldives, because from December to March the sun shines about 8 hours a day. Nevertheless, one should not underestimate the weather on this tropical island, every now and then heavy rain showers fall...


On the coast of the Arabian Sea - 11 meters above sea level!

Formerly Bombay, is located in the state of Maharashtra and is the economic centre, traffic hub, cultural centre and the most important port city of India. Rich and poor live here together with cultural and spiritual contrasts and the symbol is Bollywood, the centre of the Hindu film industry. Mumbai is the largest city in India and the sixth largest city in the...

Sri Lanka

In the Indian Ocean is a tropical paradise

Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean is a tropical paradise with breathtaking landscapes and a rich culture. The journey of discovery starts right at the airport in Colombo, heading south. The roads are bustling with people, traffic rules seem to be of no interest to anyone, but the driver holds his own during the four-hour drive through banana plantations and villages. Arriving in Induruwa, the driver can relax on the beach...


Exotic lifestyle and the most beautiful beaches in the world

In search of tropical idyll a trip to the Seychelles is always a good choice. Situated in the Indian Ocean, the archipelago is a guarantee for exotic nature and a paradise far away from the big tourist metropolises. The main island Mahe offers a rather rural charm and in addition with the largest city of the island Victoria the smallest capital of the world. If one wants to use the Seychelles as a vacation destination, then the journey by airplane can...


Exoticism in the Indian Ocean

Off the east coast of Africa, in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, lies Zanzibar. It is a group of islands that has become world famous through the cultivation of expensive spices. Even today the name Zanzibar exudes exoticism and fascinates more and more holidaymakers from all over the world. Swahili and Arabic are spoken here, another...


Endless beaches, creative streetart artists and rare animals up close

Founded in 1829, Perth is the vibrant economic, political and cultural centre of the state of Western Australia. Despite all the hustle and bustle, the friendly, relaxed nature of Perth's inhabitants prevails. Perth extends over an area of 5,400 square kilometres between the Australian south-east coast to the Indian Ocean and the hilly country of the Darling...

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