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Endless beaches and great climate all year round

Fuerteventura belongs to the Canary Islands and is located in the Atlantic Ocean just before Africa. The Canary Islands are only four hours by plane from Europe, so that holidaymakers can enjoy a short journey. The island is known for its endless sandy beaches and water sports such as wind and kite surfing. In addition, the climate is pleasant all year round, with temperatures ranging from 21 to 29 degrees Celsius depending on the month...


An island of opposites and contrasts

Rugged, black basalt and lava rock, for this the volcanic island of Lanzarote is world-famous, but now and then houses painted in white color shine like a mirage and stand out from the dark volcanic landscape. Extremely barren and dry, the Canary Island is surrounded by the shimmering turquoise of the Atlantic Ocean. By nature only sparsely overgrown by a species-poor flora, in many places the green vines sprout only so from the...

Grand Canary

Island of Eternal Spring

Gran Canaria occupies third place among the Canary Islands in terms of surface area. Tenerife and Fuerteventura belong to the neighbour islands. The almost circular island in the Atlantic Ocean has a diameter of 50 kilometres. Although its highest point is the extinct volcano Pico de las Nieves at a height of 1,949 metres, the symbol of Gran Canaria is the Roque Nublo in the Rural del Nublo Nature Park. The two eye-catching rock towers are...


Canary Island of diversity

Beautiful, bright white beaches, rocky coasts and steep cliffs, dense forests shimmering in every imaginable shade of green, massive plateaus and deep gorges in the hinterland, surrounded by the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. Above them, the Pico del Teide, surrounded by a barren but no less impressive lava landscape, is enthroned as majestic as it is mysterious. On Tenerife, nature shows all facets of its wondrous creative power...

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