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With 15 million inhabitants, Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world. Located in the east of the People's Republic of China, the metropolis is considered an important location for business, culture and education. According to its political status Shanghai is a province. The "Gate of the World" is located on the Huangpu River at the mouth of the Yangtze River, from which further development land is laboriously wrested every year.
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The core city with 16 city districts includes the suburbs of Jiading, Minhang, Pudong and Baoshang. Shanghai can be translated as "city above the sea". The nicknames are "Paris of the East" and "Pearl of the Orient". Scenically, the destination lies in a flat region. The highest elevation is the mountain She Shan. Its height of 100 meters is covered by a cable car. The world's largest transshipment point for containers is located in the port of Shanghai.

The cityscape is characterized by rivers, lakes and canals. The alluvial plain of the Yangtze delta is called Jiangnan. A dense network of rivers occupies about eleven percent of Shanghai's total area. The largest river, the Huangpu, divides the city into two halves over a length of 113 kilometers: Pudong and Puxi. In the winter months the main waterway even remains ice-free. The rivers Suzhou, Chuanyang and Dingpu also flow through Shanghai.

The Yangtze Kiang flows from the large river delta into the East China Sea. The estuary with its many canals is particularly fertile. Shanghai is considered the largest Chinese trading center for cotton. The first settlement dates back to 4,000 years before Christ. At that time the port city on the sea was founded. Today, its area already extends 30 kilometers inland. The language spoken is Shangai, a Wu dialect.

Shanghai is a city of superlatives that has been booming for 20 years. The inhabitants benefit from the country's highest standard of living. The world's largest seaport is also located here. Tourists arrive at one of China's largest airports. At the moment the highest building in the world is being built here. In Shanghai the districts of Pudong and Puxi are connected by the longest suspension bridges in the world. Pudong presents itself modern with the Lujiazui skyline.

Especially during a night boat trip the view of the illuminated TV tower and the impressive Jin Mao Tower is spectacular. The 420.5 meter high tower is the landmark of Shanghai. The construction costs of the postmodern architecture amounted to 530 million dollars. The building houses the world's highest swimming pool. The bar with a panoramic view on the 88th floor is reached in 45 seconds by elevator.

Puxi captivates with excellent hotels, historic colonial buildings and ultra-modern shopping malls. Here, the Bund promenade is considered a tourist attraction. Along the Huangpu River is the oldest building in Shanghai, the British Consulate. Those interested should take a look at the lobby and the ballroom in the Peace Hotel. The most comfortable way to get around the city is by cab.
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The fastest option is the Metro. Bus travel is considered to be inexpensive. There are many cyclists on the way. In Shanghai it is worth visiting the two fabric markets. At many stands you can also find a tailor. Famous are the fake markets. One of the insider tips is a visit to the Yu Garden. Incomparable is a traditional foot massage after an eventful vacation. At the People's Square is the worth seeing Shanghai Museum.

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